Business Deal Support

Business Deal Support

The import deal can be roughly divided into the following key stages: from the search for suppliers to the organization of transportation. In accordance with the order of the stages, China Business Partner offers the following services, provided both on request and on terms of an agency contract, which implies full support for a turnkey transaction:

Search for products and manufacturers

Within the framework of this service, we are looking for producers of the required products and conducting preliminary negotiations on the basic terms of the contract: price, quality, delivery time, terms of payment and goods shipping.

Factory audit

This service includes a comprehensive assessment of the production capabilities of the supplier’s manufacturing site. Our specialists are ready to make assessment anywhere in China and draw up a qualified report on the manufacturer capability

Conducting negotiations and signing a contract

We negotiate with suppliers and seek to include in the contract favorable conditions for you; after signing the contract we control its proper execution. This service is provided only in the framework of an agency contract. The agency fee is 2-10% of the contract value depending on the total amount of the order.

Control of the production process

Our company’s specialists visit the factory and control the production process within the agreed time. As a result of inspection a quality check report will be issued and provided to the customer.

Quality and loading control

During the batch production or at the end of it, depending on your needs and specialties, the company’s specialists are monitoring order performance, quality and quantity, control goods loading to the vehicle/container.

Execution of export documents

If necessary, we will ensure the processing of export documents and export declaration in China and organize preparation of all documents that would be requested by customs at the country of destination.

Shipping and customs clearance

We will select the best option for the ratio of “speed-price-quality” delivery option and offer it to you for the further action.