Factory Audit

  Before starting up a new business with a new supplier, it is very common to check a company of future partnership, from document and assets prospectives. A factory audit provides your business the assurance of having the right procurement source in China. 

It is not something new when after remitting of prepayment for the order, your contact person stops replying on calls or e-mails and after visiting of address, mentioned in contract, you find out that mentioned company was never registered there.

To avoid this unpleasant experience and make your journey via Chinese business more successful, we offer you the service of Factory/Company audit.

As a result you will get a clear understanding of  who is your partner and what is the scale of business he operates.

After Factory visiting  and a careful check, you will get:

– a clear understanding of production capacity, workflow, business scale, quality niche in the market and management style

– copy of all registration documents and production licenses (If company obliged by law to obtain any)

– contacts of several managers and Company CEO ( always important to have in case if your manager quits his/her position)

– photo, video and written report of visit.