Hong-Kong Company registration

To open company in Hong-Kong is easy,  the cost is only 1299 Euro!

What does the cost of registration services include?

 – Registration / purchase of a new company (under 1 year)

 – Annual fees for registration of activities

 – Annual fees for the provision of a registered office

 – Annual company secretarial service (for 1 year)

There are 2 ways to open a firm in this jurisdiction:

 A. Open a new Hong Kong firm

 B. Buy a ready-made Hong Kong company

The difference between these methods is small: in both cases, the opening process takes 5 working days.

In the first case, you independently come up with a name for your future firm.

In the second – choose a name from the list of registered companies.

Annual Prolongation Services – 800 Euro 

What does the cost of Annual services include?

200 Euro – registration address in Hong Kong (1 year);

200 Euro – secretarial services in Hong Kong (1 year);

300 Euro * – Business Registration Certificate;

100 Euro – preparation and delivery of Annual Return.

* The amount of the fee varies annually and from April 1, 2017 is 2250 HKD

Per customer request:

200 Euro – correspondent address in China or Hong Kong

Additional services:

100 Euro – change of director’s data

100 Euro – removal of director or appointment of a new director

100 Euro – share transfer registration