Very often when working with Chinese manufacturers, there are a number of problems associated with under-delivery, re-sorting, under-packaging and many other inconsistencies of ordered products and received in fact.

When you are ordering a customized machinery according to your drawings and technical parameters, it is important and necessary to check all the stages of its production not to miss a single detail.

China Business Partner is providing the following production control options:

1. Inspection during shipment. Inspection during shipment includes the departure of our specialist to the place of loading, checking the completeness of the goods and the conformity of the goods ordered to the nomenclature, drawing up an act of acceptance, making goods photo and video shooting of goods and loading, control of container loading until the moment of sealing. At the same time, the client is provided with the following documents: a photo and video report, confirmed and checked packing list signed by the factory representative and our representative on site.

2. Extended inspection. The extended inspection includes control of production with a two-time trip to the manufacturer in the process of goods manufacturing  (if necessary, the number of visits to the factory can be increased), obtaining samples, sending them to the client, providing photo and video shooting of the production process. Inspection during shipment is also included. In this case, client also receives all necessary documents described in paragraph 1.

This type of inspection is suitable for ordering more complex items requiring step-by-step control, such as production equipment, hardware, fittings with coatings, etc.