Representative office registration

1500€ – the price of Representative office registration in China.

In which cases is it better to choose for this type of company?

If you do:

1. Marketing research

2. Quality control of the products you ship

3. Hold communication with Chinese partners

4. Organize advertising campaigns for the Chinese media

5. To get legal basis for residing in China for all employees

How to register an organization of this type in China?

1. Collect all necessary documents *

2. Take them to the Commerce and Industry Administration

3. Obtain permission to register

4. Open a bank account

* Documents required for registration:

1. Certified copies of the company’s statutory documents + translation into Chinese;

2. Certified orders for the appointment of heads of the mission;

3. Copies of passports of official representatives of the organization;

4. Recommendation letter  from the bank that serves the Head-company accounts;

5. Accounting records for the previous year;

6. Confirmation of office rent;

7. Statement of the parent company that the leased premises will be used by the company’s representative office;

8. Filled paper form for the opening of the organization for the Commerce and Industry Administration.