Simple Chinese company (Limited Liability) registration

Inexpensive and quick start of business in China – China Ltd.

13000 RMB is the cost of your company in China

* registration for 1 month

* discovery regarding other types of organizations

* number of founders is 1

When is it necessary to register a Chinese company?

Indirect investment by foreigners in a company that is officially a regular Chinese company is one of the fastest and most economical ways to organize business in China.


Under such a scheme, the Chinese founders (nominal persons) are official representatives, and the foreign investor is the general director or legal representative of the firm.

The legal representative for the activities of the LLC is the legal representative. Chinese founders are nominal persons and are not related to the organization, in addition to the presence of their names in registration documents.


How to register an LLC in China?

1. Prepare a package of necessary documents

2. Select the name of the future company

3. To agree the name in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)

4. Undergo an investment audit

5. Obtain permission to register with the Committee on Commerce

6. Register a company in the CCI *

7. Making Prints

8. Open a bank account

* Reform of the company registration system in China “3 certificates in 1” from 1.10.2015. has canceled the need to register with the tax authorities, commerce and quality control bodies. You can find out more about the reform and its implications for business here.

What taxes are levied on a Chinese company?

1. Corporate income tax (25%)

2. Tax on economic activity

3. VAT

(17% is the base rate, but if the company gets the status of “ordinary taxpayer”, then when exporting goods from China, a VAT refund is possible)

4. Personal Income Tax

5. Stamp Duty

6. Payments in favor of urban construction and development of education

(1-5% of the tax paid for doing business)