There are many ways to find good and competitive suppliers in China. However, just too often it goes wrong. A systematic approach to search, compare, develop and control the suppliers is highly recommended.

Since 2007 China Business Partner offers specialized, high-quality China, Korea and Japan manufacturing and sourcing. We help businesses to find factories, audit them and make sure that mutual expectations are met in terms of quality, speed, and price. We also provide support in financial control of the deal, including contracts and agreements.

Due to our technical background and years of experience we are particularly strong in sourcing complicated machinery.

We have extended experience in bottle production, filling, color printing, metalware, screw production, all kind of production machines and many many other items. We understand your challenges and focus on detail. We can read and process technical drawings, and are able to transfer this necessary knowledge to the suppliers to make sure you get what you need. We have also supported hundreds of shipments of metal parts for furniture, machines, production and all other kind of applications.

We support providing the correct documentation for custom clearance and necessary certifications.